Above  Ian Horvath, founder Fusion Energy Solutions, Inc. explaining one of his low budget fusion reaction chambers


Dr. Terry Alford, Co-founder Fusion Energy Solutions, Inc., and Professor of Materials Science Engineering at ASU

After decades of work in plasma based fusion research a small group of scientists from ASU ventured off on a radically new approach to the fusion break even problem.


Over a half a century has been dedicated to traditional plasma based nuclear fusion trying unsuccessfully to hit a net energy gain reactor (meaning the reactor produces more energy out than is input to get the reactions going in the first place). Unfortunately, time and time again plasma fusion scientists say we are 20 years away from reaching this goal. Plasma reactions are known for their enormous complexity and nearly all the scientists in this field dedicate their entire careers focusing on just one small aspect of this colossal approach to energy production. 

Fusion is the cleanest form of energy in the universe, but we have yet to tap into it here on Earth, and with the current state of things, we believe if we continue down the same path, there is a long way to go.

Our focus is on a completely different approach to not only exceeding break even fusion, but practical implementation of this technology into modern society. A replacement fusion energy source will need to be clean, reliable, and cheap. This is our goal.


As Outside General Counsel, Robin L. Dugas provides the Company with sensible, business-oriented solutions that address its current issues and provide protection from future disputes.  Ms. Dugas works with the  Company’s Founders, as well as industry regulators, securities and intellectual property counsel, and financial planning professionals, to facilitate the Company’s continued expansion.  

Ms. Dugas grew up in New Jersey and earned a dual Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Spanish from Albright College in 1992, followed by a Master of Education degree from Arizona State University’s College of Education in 1995, and a Juris Doctor from ASU’s College of Law in 2003. Ms. Dugas is a member of the State Bar of Arizona, Maricopa County Bar Association, and the Scottsdale Bar Association.

Right  Neil B O'Leary, Co-founder of Fusion Energy Solutions, Inc. and ASU Academic Professional.


Neil has served on the fusion research team since its inception and is an invaluable team member with his abilities as a prototype machinist and unique proficiency in coming up with simple solutions to even the most difficult problems.